Andreas Schaetzke

Chief Executive Officer
In 13 years in esports I gathered a strong background in sales, marketing and esports consultancy as well as business development.

David Fröhlich

Chief Operating Officer
I grew up with esports and developed an extensive knowledge in brand building, finances, account management and esports consultancy.

Johannes Gürtler

Chief Marketing Officer
Through my esports passion over 13 years I became an expert in marketing, events and influencer marketing.

Holger Kuhn

Chief Business Development Officer
As an esports veteran I dedicated myself to business development, IT and sales and built a wide publisher network.

Jan Leverenz

Chief Product Officer
After 16 years in esports I have an extensive knowledge in the fields of live streaming, licensing and marketing as well as event organization.

The management and all of KAYDEE’s employees are supported by the following experts from various industries.


Prof. Dr. Blank

Finances & Taxes