Berlin, Germany, 07/10/2018 – PENTA Sports announced management changes. The Berlin-based organization announced that the so far CEO Manuel Mahlich steps down from his position with immediate effect. As part of the restructuring from now on two Managing Directors instead of one CEO will lead PENTA Sports.

Hendrik Goetzendorff, a former professional player of the German brand, takes the role of a Managing Director. Goetzendorff was part of the team, that won the German Championship in the past before he moved into a management role. Additionally he holds a masters degree in Entrepreneurship and SME Management (Business Administration). Furthermore, PENTA Sports introduced Andreas Schaetzke as second Managing Director, who played an essential role in the growth of the PENTA brand until the end of 2017.

As Goetzendorff announces in a statement, besides the restructuring PENTA will also change its strategy in the future: “Making a change is never easy. But we got something to build on by going back to our roots and focus again on the German esports market as well as innovative esports products. The team is ready and it is a pleasure for me to be part of it!” In another statement Schaetzke explained his motivation to return to the leading role: “In the past PENTA Sports grew so close to my heart and I am really happy to make the next steps to exploit PENTA’s full potential in the next months and years together with Hendrik and the other great people at this fantastic organization.”

In its history PENTA Sports won the German Championship in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) as well as other top-class events, such as the Six Invitational and several editions of the prestigious Rainbow Six Pro League. From now on the organization will focus on the German market again and aims to live up to its earlier success. PENTA Sports thanks Mahlich for his time with the organization and appreciates his merits as the spearhead of the club.