Berlin, Germany, 07/04/2018 – KAYDEEs CEO Andreas Schaetzke will be the coauthor of a book series tackling the topic of electronic sports (esports). Based on his longstanding experience in the esports industry the book series picks up topics around the general structure of esports as well as more in-depth analysis about the status quo, the development of esports and the future of the industry. Schaetzke welcomes Timo Schöber as coauthor, who already published a book covering esports in the past.

Schaetzke’s statement is expectably positive: “Esports became an important part of my life and thankful, that I now have the opportunity to publish a book about this great industry. With “Bildschirm Athleten” Timo laid the foundation for a scientific approach to this topic – and he did it in an impressive manner! For me and KAYDEE it has always been important to address the ecosystem esports and all its participants well-founded. Now we will write a new chapter and work with different esports experts on the esports literature of the future. We are looking forward to this task, well aware of the responsibility we have.

I am looking forward to the cooperation!” Timo Schöber adds: “With my book ‘Bildschirm-Athleten: Pheomenon e-Sports’ I published the first German extensive specialist book on esports. The prior goal was to give people an understanding of the industry, especially those, who aren’t internet affine. The book will cover esports very accurate, starting from the basics and going deeper into the rabbit hole: What is esports? Which genres and disciplines exist? Is it a sport? Can you make a living from it? Is it accepted? What is the ‘system esports’? How does the future look like? And many more.

The first book is the foundation for other new projects. I am happy to have a partner, expert and doer like Andreas by my side. We have many great ideas for the book series and will work on it together to promote esports in Germany and increase its popularity.”

The expected release date of the first book is 2019.